Enjoy the Journey

Listening to the wind

blowing through leaves

still on the trees

as I change for a swim.

Realising the sound

will soon be gone over winter

only to catch me by surprise

when it returns in spring.

Thrilling at watching raindrops

bounce off the water

as ephemeral bubbles

while I swim in the river,

and at a flock of geese

taking off low over my head

after honking their intention

to each other and to me.

Luxuriating in the

reassurance of sunshine

as I change on the bank

and the sky blues.

Sensing peace as I sit on a bench

drinking coffee, eating breakfast

and noticing goldfinches

feeding on teasel seeds.

Not wanting to disturb their peace,

my peace, the peace.

Calm after the storm.

Peace, peace, peace.