Hepburn Forest Woodland Walk

The season is autumn, but the forest is green, remarkably so.

Lime leaves of wood sorrel, emerald moss, jade ferns, grey-green lichen

and khaki conifers.

Angular chunks of rock of all sizes, like pieces of modern sculpture on display, throughout the forest.

Exhibited to advantage down a vista between rows of conifers or perched, precarious, high on a crag.

Emerging from the tree line, after a steep climb, into a landscape all brown, overwhelmingly so.

A brown sea afloat the summit; at the horizon the ripples of immediate hills and blankets of dimpled cloud.

Pale rocks and rain whitened sheep scattered about the scene like foamy white horses on a wind-blown sea.

All else shades of brown: chestnut bracken, smouldering heather, umber peat and blond grass.